Taking roost in the halliwell road area in Bolton, Oooze Creative were invited to work on ideas & concepts for SteakhouseCo.

From hot and spicy Steak to delicious gourmet burgers, this American inspired diner, gourmet kitchen wont brings the wonderful and Absurd to Bolton. ​ This authentic interior captures SteakhouseCo’s characterful brand identity, whilst creating a relaxed environment for diners to enjoy the comforts of American Style diner, hospitality and food.

The assembled look of the furniture, reclaimed wood, brick walls, wood flooring, 100 year old oak chairs, and pure oak stair case with the signature bull logo hand crafted into the oak floor create the American Diner aesthetic. ​ Playful finishes such as a horse saddle, cowboy holsters and guns, reclaimed wood signage and umbrella lighting, injects the space with a warm and inviting yet timeless interior with copious amounts of character that can only grow and become more interesting with time, rather than becoming dated with the years, it will should mature just like a fine wine does..

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