SteakhouseCo was looking to increase revenue with a marketing campaign like no other in the area. The local area has seen many new eateries pop-up over the past few years, this spurred us to think of a unique selling point to help SteakhouseCo stand out. We set up an eating challenge Man V Food style with the spiciest burger in the U.K., where 50% of the profits went to The Bolton Hospice, a local charity for patients being treated for cancer. The contenders need to finish the extra large, insanely hot burger to get their name on the wall of fame. So far, many people have shown interest and taken part, which is a direct result of how well the campaign took off.

The challenge was named after our local hero -Tyson Fury - whose gym is directly facing the premises - the campaign managed to spark the interest of a world boxing champion, the great Amir Khan, who has claimed interest in taking up the challenge in the near future. The Bolton News came to SteakhouseCo to try and get their name on the wall of fame with no luck, which then caught the attention of The Mirror. This resulted in a feature in the national newspaper, spreading the word to the whole United Kingdom. Needless to say, the campaign was a huge success, setting the bar for competitors nationwide.

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